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Connecting travelling with content creation

About this project

Token sale: Dec 15 — Jan 15
Total supply: 725,000,000 THX
Available for sale: 100%
Accepting: USD, BTC and Altcoins
KYC required

Stage 1

December 15, 12:00 PM - December 19, 12:00 PM

Min purchase: 0.2 ETH

Bonus 100% bonus tokens

Stage 2

December 19, 12:01 PM - December 24, 12:00 PM

Min purchase: 0.2 ETH

Bonus 75% bonus tokens

Stage 3

December 24, 12:01 PM - January 01, 12:00 PM

Min purchase: 0.2 ETH

Bonus 50% bonus tokens

Stage 4

January 01, 12:01 PM - January 07, 12:00 PM

Min purchase: 0.2 ETH

Bonus 25% bonus tokens

Stage 5

January 07, 12:01 PM - January 15, 12:00 PM

Min purchase: 0.2 ETH

About Thrill

Welcome to a thrilling story!
Thrill team- the youngest team in the history of ICOs
is presenting the revolution in the field of Traveling and content creation.
With a uniquely designed platform that is most importantly user based, is presenting the easiest way to plan your trip, pay for any kind of traveling expenses in a simple yet effective way - through your smartphone application.
Thrill PLatform is divided into 3 different parts (Trill Travel, Thrill Adventure and Thrill View, each separate but connected to the overall idea. Thrill Platform is designed for tourists and content creators (content like blogs, vlogs, or photography).


Thrill travel is an application where users care anywhere and anytime book a ticket for public transportation (bus, tram, train and airplane tickets),  this will provide users with the great user experience.
Another advantage of this kind of system is that travelers won't need to exchange currencies in order to pay for public transport, combined with function to check if the route is already overbooked Thrill Travel is on its road to success.


Thrill View is a social media platform, where content creators (CCs) would be given a chance that even with low subscribers amount they can get to the top of viewing board with good content, as viewing platform will be divided into 3 different sectors (NEW, RISING, HOT). CCs will be able to decide if their content will be: Free Content, 40% content (40% free, 60% subscription only) or  Subscription only.
Content Viewer (CV) can choose from three different types of subscription:
Monthly subscription (30 days), Daily subscription (24 hours), and one-time subscription. After the user has bought some subscription plans he will be able to use one subscription for free. (Subscription plans can only be bought with THX tokens).
Into Thrill View team has added Thrill Overwatch (Anti-theft prevention) and Thrill FullView (2020), so users will be able to add gaming videos and guides).


Thrill Adventure opens the possibility for users to book into hotels, bars, restaurants and to buy tickets for tourist attractions with one simple click in the web browser or mobile app. To prevent fake reviews of the places tourists are visiting the team has added a unique rating system with the possibility to rate a place only when the user has paid with THX tokens. Thrill Adventure is directly connected to Thrill Travel which will represent fast and user-friendly travel.


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